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Recoverym8+ (PRO) Massage Gun + Extra Battery

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This is our new Recoverym8+ PRO massage gun. Now with even more options and POWER.

It is very quiet (see video below) has 30 speeds, 4000 strokes/min, 25 volts and 6 massage heads! The 4000 strokes/min and 25 volts, as well as a significantly more powerful engine than our standard model and most others on the market, make this model extra attractive for therapists, professionals, you who practice sports at a high level and you who simply just want the most powerful massage gun.


Helps with, among other things (not limited to)

  • Tension headache
  • Inflammatory conditions (eg shin splints, forearm inflammation, etc.)
  • General tension in the body
  • Sore muscles
  • Increased blood circulation (for example, if you have had an injury, this can be very beneficial for you)
  • Warm-up before training (increased range of motion)
  • Recovery


Indicative use of the 6 massage heads

Fork head

  • Which is especially good e.g. along the spine and Achilles tendons.

Bullet head 

  • Which is especially good for in-depth massage / trigger points. The pointed shape makes it ideal for hitting very specific areas, and therefore makes it easier to use in areas where eg there is a lot of bone mass.

Ball head

  • Which is especially good for all-around surface / wellness massage, as it is of softer material. This also makes it ideal to use in the neck area and other slightly more sensitive areas, which should preferably not be irritated / stimulated too much.

Round flat head

  • Which is especially good for the large muscle groups such as thighs, lats(back) and glutes, as it is made of a harder plastic than the ball head and therefore applies stronger pressure.

Deep-tissue head

  • Which is especially good for in-depth massage / trigger points. It is in many ways reminiscent of the bullet head, but is a little more pointed and angled differently, and will therefore be able to be used in places where the bullet head cannot.

Wide flat head

  • Which is especially good around the shoulder blades and neck. The way it is built makes it incredibly effective for "scraping" along the muscle fibers and therefore works incredibly well almost all over the body.


Package includes

  • Recoverym8+ massage gun
  • 6 different massage heads
  • Carrying case
  • Charger   
  • Extra battery


  • 1kg


  • 1-30


  • Touchscreen with speed and battery indicator 


  • Up to 4000

Battery life

  • Up to 3 hours (2500mAh) 25.2V




Why do you need a massage gun?

If you need to give yourself a more in-depth massage, then it is a good idea to use a massage gun. Maybe you have not heard of a massage gun before, so here I will try to explain and get into the benefits of.

The name sounds more violent than it is, and comes from the shape, and not because it can shoot with sharp. 4 different "heads" are included, which can be easily replaced to adapt to the different types of massage and the different muscle groups.

The massage gun can be set at anything from speed 1 - 20, which makes it possible to use it to massage the whole body. Both the slightly more sensitive areas, but also the areas that need a little extra pressure.

The fact that the massage gun is wireless and portable makes it possible to use it almost everywhere, when you watch TV, when you sit and enjoy the sun and the like. It can be used as a warm-up for physical activity, preventively and in connection with recovery. It can also be used for well-being, as the lower speeds allow for a milder / lighter massage.

Your body will quickly get used to getting a massage and the massage gun will soften your connective tissue and loosen up tension in your body so that the stiffness disappears.

The advantage of using the massage gun over your own hands is that the massage gun can give you in-depth massage for as long as you want it. Where your hands will quickly get tired and need a break.


What is massage good for?

You definitely know thee feeling of being tense in the body due to stress or worries. What you may not know is that it complicates blood flow.

You can get miosis and you can get sore in many different places in the body.

Massage has a good and effective effect on the body, because when you massage the muscles, the muscles relax, thereby increasing the blood flow and the transport of important nutrients.

For example, if you If you experience neck pain, back pain, headaches or migraines, then the increased blood flow during massage will cause the body to relax, and this will help the pain to be reduced or disappear completely. It is completely natural to get a warm feeling around the area you have massaged, as it is the body's way of showing that it's working hard under the skin.